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A Difficult Case With Carbohydrates

Last year for almost two months I did the ketogenic diet with my (then) boyfriend. He Lost 50+ pounds within months. I lost 13 in three weeks, stalled after that (did not lose for 4 weeks) and was always hungry. I read so many different things about why I might not be losing, and it came down to too many reasons. It complicated what I wanted to be a simple way to lose weight and get healthy. I could have been stalled because: I was eating dairy, too many calories, too much protein, not enough fat, too many carbs. Those are just a few of the reasons. It gave me a headache.

Since then I’ve tried ketogenic once after that, and it may have worked but in my circumstances I couldn’t get my head where I wanted to be.

Between the time that I started eating keto, and a month or so after I had blood work done and my A1C number went down .3 which is great! After keto, I gained a bit back, and mostly maintained. In January I joined Weight Watchers. I lost what I had gained back, so when I weighed in with my doctor last week I was only one pound over what I had been last year at my weigh in with the better A1C. I had blood work done. I was hoping that it stayed at the same, at least. I didn’t expect it to have gone lower. My number had risen again – back to where I was last year when I was almost twenty pounds heavier.

I’m not here to talk bad about Weight Watchers but I want to point out that your leader is just your leader. It was suggested to me that I eat more whole grains, and it’s always suggested that you didn’t get to the weight you are today from eating too much fruit. Fruit is 0 points. They want you to choose it over ice cream. Understandably so. But Weight Watchers leaders aren’t nutritionists. They don’t have a background that makes them understand how different macros can act in your body.

And while I will tell you I am also not a nutritionist, I have read so much about the way that food and nutrients work in your body that sometimes I just can’t agree with that Weight Watchers tells you. If you have blood sugar problems, eating fruit can exacerbate the issue. One banana has 29g of carbohydrates. That’s as much as a nutritionist will tell you to eat in one MEAL. So if you’re eating a banana with strawberries plus a sandwich and some popcorn for lunch, and innocent 13 Smart Point lunch is all sugar. And in some people that isn’t a problem.

But for me it is. The proof is in the blood work.

It’s frustrating. Thinking about food all the time is already frustrating. Then to add to it restricting what I eat to a healthier volume is frustrating (even though I know that it’s healthier). Then on top of that to start limiting carbohydrates? Difficult. But doable.

So I am taking the rest of the week, plus this weekend (mostly because I have plans that will make it difficult for me to have entire control of the food that is offered to me) to regroup and figure out exactly how to implement a lower carb Weight Watchers plan for me.

And as always, I will report back. Because I need to figure out something that works.




Find Me On MyFitnessPal

I’m not always the best at keeping tracking. I’ve joined and quit Weight Watchers a million times – usually at least once a year since I was seventeen. I’m opting to use MyFitnessPal – an app that I’ve used on an off for years – to keep track of things. It’s not just to count calories, but I’m also interested in nutrients and how they make me feel better or worse. I’m interested in keeping a journal of the eating part of my life just so I have some sort of record. Even if I’m not counting calories or trying to stay within my recommended range right now, I want to be gentle on myself while also staying accountable.

You can find me on MyFitnessPal here.