Story Shaped Girl & Me

I am so excited to be here.

So excited. You have no idea.

This blog is about you. It’s about me. It’s about the journey, body image and health.
I started this blog because there’s a severe lack of blogs that incorporate body image/ positive self image/ health at every size with transformation/ journeys toward health and weight loss. I started this blog because I felt like most sources I found have a pull toward either accepting your body and remaining the same, and pushing to find a journey toward health, fitness and weight loss. I want to talk about all of these issues in one place. I want to document my own journey as it happens, whereas many of the blogs I come across have amazing authors who are on a different journey than I am.

I’m here to start a conversation, and hopefully too document something amazing.

I hope that you’ll be here to join me!

As for myself, I am an almost thirty year old who has been blogging in some format or another since 2000. I’m a library school student who loves books, writing and reading. I love walking and yoga and live music. I love learning, especially about nutrition and health and self love. And I want to share it all with you. I am keen on adventure and travel, obsessed with photography and trying out new restaurants. I love tattoos and pop music. My name is Melanie. You can find my personal blog at




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