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Things I Am Loving

It’s midday on a Tuesday, I’m wearing a lot of pink today and I’m thinking about when I should dive in for my snack of mixed nuts and crazy dark chocolate. The weather has been too warm for fall, leaving my apple picking adventures from Sunday to be too sweaty, and involving too many bees. But I survived, richer in apples and one thing checked off the Autumn list. Here are some other things I am loving right now.

  • doing fall (& festive) things. This list includes apple picking, and having plans for a corn maze, and a renaissance festival
  • my in real life book club Of Books And Tea Book Club, which I will start writing about soon in my blog Of Books And
  • Yoga with Adrienne
  • walking before work on my late dates
  • my new job/ position (more on that, soon!)
  • writing gratitude lists
  • upcoming musical plans


ps. You can find me on Heroine Training, as I wrote a Fit For A Heroine Guide to Plymouth, MA

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September: Breaking the Grind and Daily Writing

Words are something that used to come easy to me. I could sit and write a poem in math class. I was always jotting down story ideas. I had lists of ideas for blog posts. I would journal all the time and seek out pen pals. Now I feel like the words are still there but they’re stuck in a glass cage, struggling for air. I’m not sure what to write about, and my ideas feel like they fall flat. Forget poetry, because words themselves ache in a way that makes them unable to be magical or lyrical. They were are. Words and words, a series of 26 letters put together with spaces and punctuation.

I’ve been aching for creativity. I feel like I am under water watching as my life goes by. I feel like the thoughts inside my head get cemented there and pushed away into the depths of memory, forgotten because they don’t matter.

It’s so easy to fall into the daily grind. I see it over and over. I do it far too often. Routine isn’t always nourishing, especially when it’s full of empty thoughts and actions, mindless phone games and constantly checking social media.

I want to be more deliberate with my time. I want to make the most of all these seconds we have to call our own, and I want to create something out of nothing. So for September I am challenging myself to write the words I need to say. I’m challenging myself to get out of my mindless bubble, to write reviews on the media I consume and to engage in different ways. The first way I am doing this is to write and (hopefully) post here every day in September.

Want to join me?



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Do That Thing.

Do that thing.

Do that thing that makes you come alive. Find your passion and let it fuel you. Don’t lose sight of the world around you, the dreams you’ve always had. Don’t forget the friends who are soulmates, and the experiences that shape you. Let one weekend in a little city in Oklahoma change you. Let three brothers in a band make you.

Allow the thing you love to become you. Allow yourself to get lost in passion and forget who you might have been. Remember the teenager inside you, aching to come out. Learn everything you can about everything. Grow wings and fly.

Read the books that break you. Love the people even though it might hurt you. Be wild and free. Be alive and awake. Be aware. Create your bucket list and check off items. Add more things. Never finish that list. Sing the songs on repeat until they’ve memorized. Detail lives and experiences on your skin. Document your life in words and pictures.

Know what you believe in. Go after it. Jump far for it. Fight for your beliefs. Fight for yourself. Fight for everyone around you.
You’ve only got this one life. We aren’t immortal creatures. Live that one life.

Do that thing.


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Thing Don’t Happen The Way You Plan

Just after a declaration of my intentions to write every day in March, life happened and, of course it’s now the 17th and I haven’t posted anything since then. I’ve been slightly alive on my Instagram, and otherwise consuming instead of creating. I’ve also been talking a lot about the Perfectly Posh products that I love. I even have a Facebook page for the Posh Products, so please feel free to check it out.

I’m here to tell you that I’m loving Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide. I can’t stop listening and singing along.

We had an almost blizzard the other day, and I’ve had some time off due to family things.

I’ve been watching the final season of Girls, and Switched At Bitch. I’ve been LOVING This Is Us, and also really enjoying Big Little Lies on HBO (Of course I read the book first and really enjoyed that as well).

The only book I can recommend right now is We Are Okay by Nina LaCour. Everything else I’ve been reading I’m just stuck in the middle of.

My current face mask of choice is I’m Turning Blueberry.

What are you currently loving?


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2016 Highlights


This past year wasn’t good for me. Too much happened. I keep seeing blog posts where people express that we shouldn’t blame the year. We should blame all this other stuff. I am not blaming the year. I’m just saying, as a collective, the past twelve months were not good months. Some good stuff happened, though. So let’s look at a few things that were really good about my 2016:

Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – This is a place where fiction comes to life and it’s certainly magical.


Starting a book club – I’m sure I’ll write more on this soon, but I started a book club in the fall and I’ve been loving each selection and get together. This reminds me I need to start on January’s book.


Dabbling in Low Carb eating – Sure, I’ve done this before. This past year I did Keto/ Low Carb High Fat for 7 weeks in April/ May / June. I also went back to it in the fall for a couple weeks. I learned a lot. It’s not something I want to do long term, I don’t think, but I learned a lot while reading about it and having my own experiences. Right now I’m focused on something more balanced.


New car – Last month I bought a new car! It’s shiny (well, it was until it snowed and now it’s covered in salt and dirt) and small and perfect for my commute which leads me to…


Full Time Librarian Job!! – In April I started working at the place where I work today. I had benefits at a 25 hour per week job, and in July that position expanded to 35 hours per week. Now I’m in a different position, with opportunity for growth and I could not be happier.


Mermaid Hair – I colored my hair two of my favorite colors: purple and teal.


Podcasts – This sounds pretty simple, I discovered Podcasts in 2016. Sure, I knew what they were before, but I didn’t really pay much attention to them. This past year I learned about a lot of new Podcasts and I started listening to them regularly. Since switching to my current position, I’ve had less time to listen to them, but I still really enjoy finding new Podcasts and listening to old favorites when I can!


Visits from friends – a friend of mine visited for the first time in 8 years. We had so much fun catching up in person, painting and visiting the beach.