30 in july

Things I Love – current (17)

fitting into pants that were too small last month

random phone calls from friends

lobster pizza

Kale and romaine Caesar salad, no chicken, add avocado – from Panera

Perfectly Posh products

annual incentives

paying off things

having a plan to start saving

clunky heart shaped rings

stevia sweetened chocolate (Lily’s is the brand)

getting to see my boyfriend ❤

seeking out dance places near where I work

driving around with the windows down

What do you love today?



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Things I Do At Work (15)

check mail

distribute mail to the right people

magazines go to me: catalog magazines

weed piles and piles of magazines

track down bathroom keys

process audiobooks, dvds and cds
this includes stickering, transferring

check e-mail & delete most e-mails

check up on Library related blogs via Feedly

make lists of books I want to buy or read

considering going on a book buying ban

laugh at my consideration

put away books on my designated shelves

man the circulation desk, this includes tracking down books that don’t exist, aren’t where they should be, as well as checking in and our materials

convince patrons to read books that I’ve loved

fix things. printers,

constantly try to think of better organizational ways

take the Month stickers off audiobooks when they’re 6 months old

package up newspapers and send them out to be put on microfilm

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Distract (13)

Sometimes things happen that make you anxious, and all you can do it wait it out. Here are some things to do in the mean time.
Go to work
buy yourself iced coffee
make a list of all the positive things
sing songs really loudly
find music that makes you feel whole
journal, blog, write about something
read a book
watch a really enthralling TV show – get lost in someone else’s story
focus on amazing memories
read position articles online
research something
talk to people around you
see out live music
rearrange your living space
declutter and get rid of what no longer serves you
write love letters
bite your tongue
paint your nails
practice smiling
be in nature
download meditation apps and listen to those
brew tea
browse a bookstore or library
imagine new worlds
I find that talking to myself helps the most when I can’t be distracted. I usually talk to myself in the form of journal entries. I made lists and focus on what I know to be true and the positive experiences I’ve had in the past. It’s sometimes a game of self-assurance that gets you through.
what do you do to distract yourself from anxiety?