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On Cooking Cutter Worlds and Having Too Many Interests on the Internet

“When you live in a cookie cutter world being different you can’t win.” Weird – Hanson

What happens when you have too many interests? I’m in this world of blogging and instagramming and watching YouTube and everyone seems to have a niche, right? Everyone is a booktuber or has a fitstagram or something else. I keep alternating between thinking I should keep all my content here in this blog, and separating things out. I have a book blog, but I like posting things together. If you follow my Instagram, you might notice I post more food and health related images than anything else. I want to share everything with you. I want to share my loves and obsessions and books and thoughts.


I never fit into one box.
Sure, we all have phases. Some days I lean more toward being interested in bullet journals. Other days I’m obsessed with finding the perfect snacks. There are weeks when I spend too much time on Pinterest. My current obsession is roller skating. Not actually doing it (yet), but watching videos and wanting to join roller derby. I feel like I’m all over the place at times, and while I think that’s fine, I can’t quite figure out how to organize that into one space.


Blogging has certainly changed over the years. Many bloggers only blog with the intention of marketing and networking. Some blog to teach you how to blog. Others write reviews. Some people tell you about their days. I’m not sure why I’m listing all these things right now. Basically I’m a bit overwhelmed. Blogging used to be a diary of sorts. It used to be sharing. And now there are lots of different websites to share on, and different ways to connect. I kept thinking that I should start a YouTube channel, and maybe I will eventually, but right now my heart wants me to keep on typing. I want to reconnect with words. I suppose if I’m simply writing it doesn’t matter what I write about. If I’m not aiming to create some epic blog it doesn’t matter if I’m all over the place. If I don’t want my words to go far and do things, if I’m okay with writing for me and hoping that other people in enjoy then it’s okay to write about books and weight loss and travel all in one page.


I think transparency is a good thing to have on the internet these days. That’s why I’m telling you all this right now. I’ve been holding on to web addresses for so long, going months without using them and allowing myself to forget what writing feelings like. I’ve been focused on the wrong things. I look up ways to make Instagram more aesthetic, while thinking about buying new dishes just for my food pictures. I’ve struggled to think about what sort of tones I want my pictures to be. Cool and minimalist? Busy and colorful? Does it really matter? I’m not so sure.


Authenticity is something I strive for, but some days it feels like the Internet is not a fan of authenticity. It’s not a fan of you being you. It wants you to be yourself while seemingly perfect and also effortlessly creating an aesthetic that everyone adores. The Internet wants you to connect with people, but it also wants you to have your shit together and to know what you’re talking about before you burst forth with your thoughts. It wants you to give advice and make how-to posts. It wants you to not admit to your failures. It wants you to be perfectly PC or not PC at all, to appeal to every person while also taking a stand. The Internet wants you to know what you want and to go for it unabashedly while ignoring that fact that maybe you want to be everything. Maybe you want to do everything. Maybe the four walls surrounding one niche project are too dampening for your passion.


Maybe your passion lies everywhere.
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New Things! 34 before 34

I’ve tried this before and I’ll try this again. I’ve been inspired by past posts that Sarah Von Bargan of Yes and Yes and Xandra of Heroine Training have made. It’s a birthday list of new things to be accomplished/ experienced before your next birthday. The best part is there’s no pressure to finish these things. You can carry them over if you want. But the intention is put out there, and I like that.

So here’s my list. My birthday is in November, so I feel like I should have made this list a couple months ago, but I still think I can do a lot of these things before then.

  1. Complete draft one of currently novel – I suppose this isn’t a new new thing, as I’ve completed novels before, but it’s been a long time, and I feel like this is a BIG novel. Maybe the novel. We shall see.
  2. Read a Jane Austen novel – this was part of my summer plans, and it didn’t happen. Maybe this upcoming summer!
  3. Get paid for my writing. Blogging, freelancing, whatever! We’ll see!
  4. Take a barre class
  5. Visit Canada
  6. Start a bullet journal (and keep up with it)
  7. try Miracle berries
  8. go to a trampoline park
  9. hike a mountain – I have my eyes set on Mount Greylock in the Berkshires of MA, also home to the Ilvermorny – the American School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
  10. take a pole dancing class
  11. celebrate seasons changing – by hosting a party or taking part in other festive celebrations
  12. see (and hopefully photograph) snowy owls
  13. attempt at Whole 30
  14. make pickles
  15. try different trendy lattes. Charcoal, Turmeric, Beet, Unicorn, Matcha
  16. eat at Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern 
  17. Marie Kondo some of my life
  18. bake or cook something with flowers
  19. visit a free little library
  20. make goat cheese
  21. go to a roller derby bout
  22. do a planned out Random Act of Kindness activity, maybe participate in The Birthday Project
  23. participate in guerrilla gardening
  24. go letterboxing
  25. get a picture of my aura taken
  26. start a YouTube channel
  27. finish watching Doctor Who
  28. Implement a daily morning and night routine
  29. Document my life through Leap Second
  30. blog at least three days a week, consistently, for the whole year – this isn’t really a “new thing” so much as it’s an experience in consistency that I’d like to follow through on
  31.  Pick one type of food/ dish each month to master – can be variations on the same dish or a different type of dish (for example January: smoothie bowls)
  32. Participate in a one month spending fast
  33. grow herbs and then eat them/ cook with them
  34. lose 75 pounds