Do The Things : Pilgrim Monument

If I could give you one piece of advice, something I am trying to stick to as much as I can right now it is: do the things. Do everything you can. Make sure you aren’t allowing your life to feel stagnant. Don’t let time pass by without you knowing. Make those plans. Climb the m-f-ing monument. All 116 steps. Just do it.

So for a few years now I’ve been telling my friend that we need to go to Provincetown, MA (also known as P-Town, the tip of Cape Cod and where the Pilgrims landed before they settled in Plymouth). I’ve wanted to climb the Pilgrim Monument for so long, and I’ve been afraid because I am / was terribly out of shape. I’m slightly less out of shape right now, but I’m certainly not conditioned to climb a lot of stairs.

I wanted to wait until I was in better shape. I remember climbing a tower when I was in Italy, ten long years ago, and feeling miserable and kind of scared. I remember feeling claustrophobic as we climbed, somehow worried this tower couldn’t handle the weight of us all. The weight of me. Take a look at this building and then somehow equate how mixed up my mind hand to be for me to think it couldn’t hold me. I also think it might have been slightly swaying, but I can’t remember.

This year we finally set a date to drive the couple hours to P-Town. I took the stairs more at work (one measly flight) and I braced myself for our climb.

Before you go up the tower there’s a museum you can go through. One side had a lot of Provincetown art, and the other side was a historical account of the 17th Century. The tower was built to commemorate the Pilgrims landing in Provincetown. They are very proud of this fact. They will be sure to tell you the Pilgrims were there first, signing the Mayflower Compact before even setting foot on land. They left Provincetown because the sand was too difficult to grow crop in (but not before stealing some maize first).

The Pilgrim Monument is 252 feet tall. There are 116 steps and 60 ramps. The climb up wasn’t as bad as I expected, probably because of the ramps. Along the inside there are stone plaques mostly of Massachusetts towns and the years they were established. At the top you are enclosed with some windows and a couple view finders that you can slip a quarter in and see things closer up.

Have you ever been to Provincetown?

x. Melanie

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