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2016 Highlights


This past year wasn’t good for me. Too much happened. I keep seeing blog posts where people express that we shouldn’t blame the year. We should blame all this other stuff. I am not blaming the year. I’m just saying, as a collective, the past twelve months were not good months. Some good stuff happened, though. So let’s look at a few things that were really good about my 2016:

Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – This is a place where fiction comes to life and it’s certainly magical.


Starting a book club – I’m sure I’ll write more on this soon, but I started a book club in the fall and I’ve been loving each selection and get together. This reminds me I need to start on January’s book.


Dabbling in Low Carb eating – Sure, I’ve done this before. This past year I did Keto/ Low Carb High Fat for 7 weeks in April/ May / June. I also went back to it in the fall for a couple weeks. I learned a lot. It’s not something I want to do long term, I don’t think, but I learned a lot while reading about it and having my own experiences. Right now I’m focused on something more balanced.


New car – Last month I bought a new car! It’s shiny (well, it was until it snowed and now it’s covered in salt and dirt) and small and perfect for my commute which leads me to…


Full Time Librarian Job!! – In April I started working at the place where I work today. I had benefits at a 25 hour per week job, and in July that position expanded to 35 hours per week. Now I’m in a different position, with opportunity for growth and I could not be happier.


Mermaid Hair – I colored my hair two of my favorite colors: purple and teal.


Podcasts – This sounds pretty simple, I discovered Podcasts in 2016. Sure, I knew what they were before, but I didn’t really pay much attention to them. This past year I learned about a lot of new Podcasts and I started listening to them regularly. Since switching to my current position, I’ve had less time to listen to them, but I still really enjoy finding new Podcasts and listening to old favorites when I can!


Visits from friends – a friend of mine visited for the first time in 8 years. We had so much fun catching up in person, painting and visiting the beach.

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Joining Weight Watchers for the 1,000,000th Time

I’ve done it again. I’ve joined and quit Weight Watchers on and off since I was 17. I’ve been successful, I’ve had a hard time, I’ve not had my head in the game. Last year I took an entire year off. I tried to do very low carb twice with moderate initial success which only lead to weight gain in the long run. I’ve read all the books. I’ve counted calories (every site I look up gives me a different calorie goal). I’ve wanted to be able to be extreme and failed because I’m not an extreme person, at least not when it comes to follow through.


So here I am again, just starting out a fresh new year with the same goals in mind. Lose weight. Be Healthy.


Except I want it to work this time. I want to believe that I’ve gotten to a place in my life that I can at least learn how to make it work. I want to believe that I can do this in a way that I guess I’ve never quite believed before. I don’t want to be hungry all the time. I want to fuel my body and learn what it needs to keep on going.


So I joined Weight Watchers. I joined for the support and accountability, and I joined so I can have a plan that I don’t have to think too much about. I’ve read all the weight loss/ health/ diet/ nutrition books I can find. I think that having too much information can be just as harmful as not having enough information. Why? Because there are so many ways to go about this, and they conflict each other. So I’m starting simple. I’m making turkey sandwiches and drinking kefir for breakfast (and usually eating some sort of bar for breakfast as well). I’m trying not to finish the foods I get out at restaurants – make them into two meals. I am limiting pizza from my life. I’m going back to basics so I can figure things out from there.
This blog has always been about being on a journey, even if sometimes that blogging journey has been non-existent. There are so many things I want to do to change and grow and right now this is my immediate focus. I hope you’ll stick around for the experiences I want to have. It’s not going to all be health related. As with other aspects of my life, I can’t just focus on one thing somewhere, so this blog won’t have a narrow focus either. I just want to make sure it still lives. That words still breathe. That I can use them in a way I seem to have forgotten about. And in doing so, I’ll have achieved another goal/ focus that I’m always trying to work on. Write more. (Say more. Express more.)