30 in july

Filling The Space (11)

Last night I met my friend Paulette near the waterfront in Plymouth. We meant to get lobster rolls but changed our mind because of the line and lack of seating at one restaurant and the price ($30 not including french fries) at another. On Saturday I accidentally ordered a $40 salad because I wanted lobster on it, and I didn’t realize market price was so high. I also didn’t expect that much lobster on a salad. It was still delicious. So last night I had lobster on a pizza instead. Gluten free crust, cheese, caramelized onions and sauce. It was amazing.
I watched the sun set in the sky behind where Paulette was sitting. We talked about her upcoming adventure to Alaska and now I can just imagine her amongst mountains and ice. We talked about our jobs, books and the everyday mundane stuff. I insisted that we plan on going to Ptown in September to climb the Pilgrim tower. I’ve only been talking about it for a few years now. It’s crazy how years can just get away from you like that. All of a sudden it’s summer and you’re remembering the plans you made for previous summers, the stuff that  never happened. I keep on getting back to myself, and thinking about how we are more than halfway through July, which is awesome because I cannot wait for fall, but also kind of crazy. What have I don’t with my time? I have more time this summer than I had in the spring. I’m not even sure. Watched TV, and YouTube. I haven’t been reading. I haven’t been writing. I’ve been falling behind on this blogging attempt. What have I been doing? I’m hoping to not have as much time in the fall, but before then I want to fill the space with something, even if I’m not so sure what.
Even if I’m filling the space with BOOKS and opinions on my book blog. Anything, anything to feel accomplished and fulfilled.
How do you feel fulfilled? What are you doing this summer?

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