30 in july

On Doing Things and this Summer (8)

This summer is going to be about routines. It’s going to be filled with writing, movement and decluttering. It’s time for me to figure out who I want to be, as far as consistency and actions go. It’s time for me to get moving, and break out of the ruts I get myself into. I’m tired of feeling guilty for watching Netflix of YouTube at night because I didn’t do anything productive. I’m tired of trying to justify my Stevia sweetened chocolate bars to myself, as I count calories and hope the scale will go down. It’s time to put everything into action. I am going to look up yoga videos and consider subscribing to YogaGlo and print out class schedules. I’m going to use my PiYo dvds and take walks even if it’s humid or buggy. I’m going to bring my bicycle up from the basement and find a place to put it, and I’m going to ride around the block and through cranberry bogs. If anyone has any favorite free online exercise sources, let me know. There’s YouTube, but I don’t know all the marvels of what to look for there.

The other night I had a dream about dancing. I dreamed I was going to sign up for jazz class again because I could do it on Mondays, and then I realized the classes weren’t on Mondays. I’m bummed because I work Tuesday nights. I’ve had this gym membership for years, and I barely go. I went online to look up the schedule and they barely have any zumba classes anymore. Where do I go to dance? Movement is what I need.
I am going to write that damn novel. Which novel? I’m not yet sure. I know that I’ve been writing since I was 7, and I’ve been struggling lately to remember how to do it. Where do words go? What world do I want to build? Do I want to work on something I started years ago? Resurrect old characters and problems? Write fan fiction never to show anyone anything? I don’t think so about the fan fiction, I’ve moved past it.
And I’m going to Marie Kondo the fuck out of my things. I’m going to do away with what doesn’t bring my joy. I refuse not to get too crazy, because I believe in balance, but I want to look at my room and my things and feel happy with what I have. I just have to deal with the guilt that comes with spending money, wasting money, having things, etc. It’s a tough concept. But I’ll donate what I can and not let myself feel bad about “waste” for anything else.
I am motivated. I am ready.
… now I just need to carry my motivation over to when I have the time to GET SHIT DONE.
Updates on everything coming at some point. :’*

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