30 in july

Gluten Intolerance (7)

Am I gluten intolerant?

I don’t know anymore.
With the very rare exception, I haven’t intentionally had gluten in two years. That exception being the occasional tempura batter that comes with some sushi. I get a stomachache about an hour after eating. Last year on my birthday I had 3 croutons and two bites of bread that was regular bread, because I hadn’t been careful enough to pay attention, and I felt sick for the next few hours. There’s obviously some sort of problem going on here.
A few weeks ago my friend told me about this bread called Miche. It’s traditional sourdough bread (not the kind you buy in stores) that’s made with whole wheat flour and fermented naturally. One of her customers said both she and her husband, who both have different digestion issues, can tolerate the bread. After further investigation, when I decided that eating Low Carb High Fat wasn’t working for me, I came across this article that suggests a way to tell if you are gluten intolerant of fructan intolerant. Fructans are oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, specific carbohydrates in certain foods. If you’ve ever heard of the FODMAP diet, Fructans come under the O.
Spelt is an ancient grain that contains gluten but, unlike wheat, is low in fructan-containing carbohydrate. So the idea is to try the spelt and see how you react. So I got a loaf of spelt bread, and over the past week and a half, ate the loaf. All of it. And I didn’t have any reactions. The biggest issue was that it did make me want to keep eating it, and that’s a problem I want to limit when it comes to high carbohydrate breads. One thing I like about spelt bread is that it contains nutrients that bleached, white breads and gluten free breads don’t contain (specifically iron and B vitamins).
Here’s another article with more information about different food intolerences.
I find food intolerance quite fascinating and I’m glad I was able to learn a little more, as well as experiment on myself. I’m not about to stop eating gluten free alternatives, because that’s not what this is about here, but that doesn’t mean I won’t shy away from 100% spelt bread in the future. I haven’t done a lot of digging, but it seems like there aren’t a lot of already made spelt goods anyway (I had been specifically looking for bagels.).

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