30 in july

July. (1)

It’s been too long, but then again I feel like I’m always saying that in the infrequent blog posts. It’s so easy to get caught up in not doing something, that I forget the things I set intentions to do. I also take on a lot, get obsessed and forget.

Some of my friends are participating in Camp NaNo this month. Sign up, set your word count and write your heart out. For those of you who were around during the NaNoWriMo months for me before (usually November), you’ll know what this is all about. This month I can’t commit to writing words of fiction. I think my fingers are broken and my mind doesn’t know how to create fiction right now. So instead I’ve decided to write 30 blog posts here on Story Shaped Girl. I want to find my voice again, and really connect with that.

Even journalling has been difficult lately. I start to journal and I end up writing lists, which are fine, except that they’re almost always the same lists. I don’t find inspiration from them, and I don’t find the writing to be cathartic.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to lately before we move on.

Last November I finished my Masters of Library and Information Science degree, and then I met an amazing guy.

In February I met said guy in Florida and we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, on a ghost tour and to the Salvado Dali museum.

In April I started working as a processor in an city library for 25 hours a week (plus benefits!) and cut my hours back at my other library to just 5 hours on Monday through mid-June.

Mid-June I stopped at my other library and just last week found out that my hours at my current city library have been approved to go up to 35 hours a week, starting this week.

Around this same time, my boyfriend became ridiculous busy at work (K, if you’re reading this, which I’m 99% sure you aren’t, I promise this space is about to become some rant-about-K-space like apparently Livejournal was back in the day to your ex-girlfriend – nor will it ever become that), I signed up as a consultant to sell Perfectly Posh products, and I found myself with a lot more time on my hands.

This summer I want to do things for myself, and I am starting by blogging and becoming more aware. I’m about to dive back into a steady full time at work schedule, as well as navigate my time off in the best ways I know how. I’m such a huge fan of those summer contemporary novels, the ones where the characters’ lives change in the short course of a summer. It’s part of the sweetness of summer, that possibility, that I haven’t given up on even as I’ve become an adult. So let that be this summer.

Tell me what you’re doing this summer.



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