Things I Love Thursday

I thought I posted this last week. So instead here are two weeks worth.



My job at the Elizabeth Taber Library

Thai for lunch – Thai rolls and crazy noodles with tofu

Some of my older and best friends are having babies really soon 

Lemon / lime / ginger / agave juice 

Sitting in my car by the ocean 

Allowing toxic people to leave my life

Smoothies for breakfast

Staring dance again – I do jazz and hip hop, complete with a recital in May 

Counting down until I’m finished with my masters degree – November 16 is almost here

Someone new to cuddle with 

Having time to read at work

Making myself puke rainbows 

Older patrons at work – one particular who comes in on Thursday nights and always tells me she hopes I don’t get a new job

The welcome I got from everyone at dance – they were all excited for me to return (it’s been two years)

A boy who cooks

Using Facebook stickers in chats 

Sill snapchats (add me melaniekristyy)


Toasted graham lattes

Catching up with friends from high school

Allowing myself to read

Galaxy stickers on my MacBook keyboard

Weetzie Bat tote bag

The first day of autumn

These pants

Seasonal scented candles – pumpkin, cinnamon and cloves, Apple, gingerbread, 

Printing out recipes for gluten free scones – especially pumpkin and apple

Fall flavors(if you couldn’t already tell)
What do you love?



One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. So much to love! My favorites were “boys that cook” and “someone to cuddle with.” Don’t tell Tim, but his ability to cook is one of the main reasons I keep him around. ❤

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