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Hello September

imageOh hello September. You kind of snuck up on me there. I was in the middle of forgetting to enjoy my summer, scrambling to finish All Of The Things before the new semester starts and then here you are. With a pumpkin spice latte and a warm smile. The first day of September was 88 degrees fahrenheit and I spent a lot of time in my air conditioned bedroom dreaming of turning leaves and reading homework.


I’m ready for you, though. I feel like things are changing. I’m taking weird risks, ready to fall backward in order to come alive. I’m ready for sweatshirts and walks along golden highlighted paths. Last September was something to remember. It’s dotted with memories of a person I’m not long acquainted with, and I don’t long for that nostalgia to hit. I want this this September to be different. This Autumn to be different. Because last Autumn was filled with someone who didn’t stay. It’s hard to be able to recognize dates in an entire season because of the time you first met someone in person, remembering the t-shirt he wore under his work shirt. Remembering that between working and meeting I had to stop at the library and conduct an interview for an assignment. Remembering all the way until it ended, the way fall ended. Harsh and surprising. Then all of a sudden it’s Christmas and everything has changed.


This fall is about me. It’s about risking what I have in order to get where I need to be. It’s about finding my true self. It’s about doing something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s about reading a WHOLE lot of middle grade books for an entire class. It’s about writing more and wasting less time. It’s about finding self love when times are busy and confusing. It’s amount roasting vegetables and visiting farmers markets and enjoying the moment.


I’m ready for you September.





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