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My Story Starts Here, Today



It started when I signed up for this WordPress account.

It started every time I joined Weight Watchers.

It started when doctors told me to lose weight.

It started when therapists couldn’t help me help myself.

My story starts over and over again. It starts when I’m harassed by strangers and inspired by different strangers. It starts when on Monday I don’t start my new journey toward health.

My story restarts every day, and I’m in the middle of one right now.

This page is my new story. I hope it can be part of yours, too.

I couldn’t start it without a name. I never can – not even when writing fiction. A name is a driving force. It propels forward. And in this case it represents. I wanted to find inspiration in song lyrics. That’s how I used to constantly be inspired when I was younger. Entire novels burst from me just from the bridge of a song. I wanted that again but I couldn’t force it.

The one night I was at a concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Really wondering why? I’ll tell you here.) and a song came on that I wanted this blog to embody. By the time the song was over I had reworked words and typed them into the notepad on my phone.

Story Shaped Girl had a name

& my story began again.



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