instead of food

Instead of Food

Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is an emotional eater. And then there are times when I feel like I’m the only one. It doesn’t matter what the emotion it is. Food is there. This is a running list of ideas for things to do, inspiration to take you some place else. I know that distractions don’t always work, but sometimes they do. 

So here is the beginning of a running list. Please feel free to offer your own suggestions.

-Write a letter on fancy paper with colored pens and decorate it with stickers
-Clean out or organize one drawer. Make it a distractions drawer complete with stickers, journals, photographs, love letters to yourself, lipstick to wear for kissing mirrors, and something to put your brain to work like….
-Sudoku. Challenge yourself with numbers
– Take some pieces of bread down to a duck pond and feed them instead
– Start a dance party. Turn the music up loud and keep going until you’re out of breath
– Sit and breathe, focus on that breath until it consumes you. Allow your breathe to become steady. Remember that it keeps you alive
– Paint your nails. Be creative. Attach glitter. Draw pictures. Alternate colors. Consider rainbows.
– Donate something you own to a person who needs it more than you do

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